Get Rid of Optometry Practice Management For Good

And it’s a really short you know a short trial where you know you send different emails out with different subject lines and sort of see what works or if it’s a longer trial like like Justin did you know everything’s changing and everything’s different and it’s never going to not be that way you know.

optometry practice management

So you know I think that you could you’re constantly you’re constantly learning so what’s what’s going to expand on what Justin was with saying about sort of some of the internal marketing now next questions about about loyalty and I think we can all assume that we’re all excellent doctors and we all really care about our patients and.

We do all of the things that practice management people tell us to do in terms of you know just the staff and the customer service directly but let’s take this question and talk about how does your your online footprint your place within the online ecosystem expand that opportunities for patient loyalty yes I can I can fake that one.

I think that loyalty man that’s just tough tough tough thing that’s a fine if you can find loyalty even in just a small percentage of your patients I think you’re going to be winning you know because having a satisfied patient really doesn’t mean much in this day and age where there’s such an environment where people at least in my neighborhood people move to different places quite frequently there’s new threats to patient access popping up seemingly daily in New York City we know we have doc doc on a stick we have online refractions if you have contact lens apps on our phone renewing prescriptions so loyalty men.

It’s a fleeting tweeting thing and to do that you know all of the things you mentioned you’re being a great doc and in office that’s important but they also need to know that you’re there and they need constant reminders that you’re there.