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Into additional oil painting as well one of my favorite purchases recently is this book Saroyan Surya is an amazing painter and it will help you free up as an artist and it’s certainly something that I need help doing from time to time but this book is an amazing collection of some of his absolute masterworks in fact it’s called Surya the master works as you thumb through the pages you can just see Osiris is command over his process and how he just paints these images with apparent.

Ease they’re so incredible and they’re not overworked at all in fact he’s got such an incredible freedom with the brush and the way he puts his colors together is just exquisite now I’m really excited to now have this book in my collection after thumbing through the pages I got so inspired this will really teach me and help me to loosen up even more and really help me to understand the importance of knowing the subject inside out so I can speak about it with authority one of the books.

That I Continuously go to Precis Online whenever I’m feeling a little bit down or not feeling the creative vibe so to speak I look at this book by Edgar Payne this instantly jolted me out of whatever funk I’m in and straight into a creative frenzy again Edgar Payne was a spectacular landscape painter but the freedom in which he expressed himself was just amazing what really intrigues me about Edgar Payne’s Work is seen the amount of different colors he put into his landscapes and almost putting.

combinations together that are counter intuitive when I look at these paintings closely I mean look at the sky you can see bits of orange here among st the blue now we know that orange and blue are complementary opposites and the orange just happens to set off that blue color creating a really engaging and dynamic effect making that surface come alive I just love the way some of these images were put together we can see all of this beautiful fragmented color one of the things I really liked about Edgar pans work was.